About Deconstructed Tigers


I’ve attached a brief note about each song on the lyrics page together with the year of writing (as far as I can remember). I will just explain the album title here. When I played in the band Deuce in the early 80s I wrote three songs which ran into each other. Collectively they were known as Tigers after the first of the three songs. Sadly, Tigers was lost (in the sense that I couldn’t, and still can’t remember how to play it), but I managed to dredge the other two, Blue Eyes and Song for the Morning, from the dark recesses of my memory. So ... the ‘deconstructed’ bit refers to the absence of one major part of the composition and to the fact that I have changed and adapted Blue Eyes/Song for the Morning to different guitars and to solo performance. It also seemed like an ‘interesting’ title for an album!

I hope you enjoy listening to the songs. There can’t be many albums that span nearly 40 years!